“Zulu watches over planet earth and comes into the rescue when a little love is needed. Zulu, a mix between a robot and a living being. He has big ears which look like moving discs. He has two arms and a tail point on which he can support.  Zulu lives on planet ZulupaPUWA. ”  - Meet Zulu and Walter Van Beirendonck, his creator.

Graduated in the early 80's from the Royal Arts Academy of Antwerp, Walter Van Beirendonck became a one of the famous Antwerp Six. known for his unusual color combinations and strong graphics in his own collections, Belgian fashion chain JBC contacted Walter some years ago with the idea of an affordable children's collection. He's getting complete carte blanche for designing the collection, this translates itself in a collection with loads of love and effort in it.

The planet ZulupaPUWA w as born based on two of Walters' favorite tribes, the Zulus and Papuans. He's fascinated by the way the Papuans painted the tree trunks which they used for their residence. As a consequence Van Beirendonck took the symbol of the tree-rings for this collection.

The character Zulu and the comic book that comes with the collection, are created by Walter himself. For the realization of the planet in comic form and the graphic part for the ZulupaPUWA collection, he collaborates with artist/cartoonist Eric D'Hondt and graphic designer Paul Bouden.

For the new spring/summer 2011 collection: colorful as always, beautiful prints and sophisticated models.  It's designed for boys and girls from the age 2 to 12 years. His collections display a high degree of craftsmanship, filled with rich details and they're a continuation of the previous collection. It's brilliant! Basically, the collection is a reflection on the cartoon storyboard. To be continued...

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