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Waasmunster House

Over in the forests of East Flanders lies an architectural treasure--Ono Architectuur’s Waasmunster House. 

The Waasmunster House was designed primarily thinking of functionality. The family who commissioned the house wanted open spaces to easily move things about. The architects delivered just that by creating a space that focuses and flows around a central patio. The windows and skylights also contribute to the feeling of wide-open space by letting in lots of natural light throughout the house.  

The design aimed to be cost-efficient with simple materials, but it definitely did not skimp on design. The house’s metallic exterior shines among the natural surroundings. While artificial materials such as metal and concrete can be harsh, they were perfectly balanced with the soft natural look of wood. This pairing continues inside the house where the wooden texture is embraced besides the bricks and slabs of concrete.   The wooden beams in the ceiling reverberate in both horizontal and vertical directions to switch up the movement throughout the house, and add even more visual interest. The long windows and direction of the wood grain imitate the intersecting linear rhythm of the beams to create an overall sophisticated and unifying look for the home.  

Functional, bright, elegant and individual--Ono Architectuur’s Waasmunster House has a lot to offer.

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