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Villa MQ

We are always on the lookout for exciting examples of Belgian architecture. Introducing Office O Architects’ creation that revolutionizes residential living: Villa MQ.

Among the countryside of the city of Tremelo lies Villa MQ. It was commissioned by a family that wanted something “special”—and the architects definitely delivered.

On the outside, it captures modern art's essential look with its beautiful swirl of clean concrete. Its shape pulls you in and mesmerizes as it cuts through the sky smoothly. It appears to be sitting on its own pedestal, but in reality the building has many split-levels that cut into the ground. Aesthetically it resembles a monument to family life.

The building continues to bend and fold by the back. It hints that it is actually a home with its wide windows displaying large open rooms. Inside you can see its unique interior. Each floor of the house swerves down and are connected by shallow stairs with parabolic wire designs.

The use of lighting also adds another dimension to this house. Lights in the walls guide your eyes through the house's curves while skylights allow natural illumination to create its own twists and turns on the walls. Even the outside interacts with lighting in a dynamic way.

Villa MQ is enthralling. It’s smooth, clean, futuristic and innovative.

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