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Slow Fashion by Arsenic et Vieilles Dentelles

Arsenic & Vieilles Dentelles (A&VD - or French for Arsenic & Old Lace) is a new and exciting lingerie brand producing some of the sexiest underwear in Belgium at the moment (according to the ILB team). Arsenic & Vieilles Dentelles was born out of Laure Hurlet’s greediness. Laure explains that greediness is for some people considered as bad behavior but for her it's a source of inspiration. After her fashion design studies this greedy young woman set her sights on the lingerie. And therefore she decided to create her own underwear brand and get into the production of her first collection : Eat Your Little Pea.

The brand is closely linked and associated with one of the most increasingly popular terms in fashion: Slow Fashion, the opposite of the mass-scale production of clothes, a reaction and call for higher quality and more environmental cautiousness. This Slow Fashion movement is based upon four major pillars: the celebration of a unique style, the encouragement of the education, the promotion of the responsible consumption and the quality support. And A&VD ticks off all four. The hand-made lingerie is designed and produced in Belgium by Laure Hurlet together with a small team.

All this goes back into the philosophy of Slow Fashion: in a World where quantity has replaces quality - A&VD wants to encourage quality underwear, which last longer. So basically, by wearing high-end underwear, you're helping the climate a little bit (and every little bit makes a big one, that's what everybody knows).

A&VD first collection has a retro vibe but is not old fashioned. It's also a little bit naughty with bondage inspired designs. And what girls doesn't like a little sheer, polka dots and natural fabrics such as silk, cotton, jersey or rag? If you're already seduced check out their webshop or site. And for the peeping Tom's in all of us, check their
 Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

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