Racing Pigeons

When we came across this pigeon series of Antwerp/Ghent based photographer Frederik Buyckx, we knew we had to share these pictures! Because there's nothing more Belgian then a good old pigeon race. In the beginning of the 19th century Belgium was the first country to hold pigeon races. Sprouted from the age old pigeon-messenger tradition, they are still going strong today.

Thanks to the new-found interest of the Asian market, National Geographic ordered a series from Frederik and published a full article on this Belgian bound sport. With a century long tradition, Belgium is know as the hotspot for pigeon breading, dealing and provider of winged champions.

The pictures of Frederik capture the sport as it is: old men in blue dust coats, the natural beauty of these speed devils and the passion for a local tradition. From the home of the pigeon lover till the release of the pigeons somewhere in France, Frederik went along and captured the beauty of this through and through Belgian experience. Enjoy!

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