Ouni rulez

Elisabeth Ouni is a Belgian model who's got it going on. Not only is she strutting her stuff in front of the camera, she also knows her way behind the camera. The Ostend born beauty is traveling around the world to interview and photograph her favourite hip hop stars with her polaroid camera. You can follow her hip hop city hoppin' on her blog 'No balls, no glory; a polaroid story'. It's amazing what she does to chase and shoot the likes of  Theophilus London, Jazzy Jeff (The Fresh Prince of Bel Air anyone?), Skillz, Baloji (former member of the Belgian hip hop crew Starflam), SA RA, Eve,...but she never gives up.  Big ass bouncers, pretentious door bitches or snotty PR people watch out, she's ready to rumble and she'll not leave before she has taken her precious polaroid. You must give it to her, the 'balls' in this story do not belong to a man...

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