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Let's head to the ARK

There’s a big certainty that you’re reading this article behind your desk or somewhere on the go. We can assure you, when you’re finished reading, you’ll dream of being in the nature, gazing out of the window in your own cocoon. Let us introduce you to ARK Shelter

ARK offers handcrafted wooden miniature houses, including a small bathroom, kitchen, bed and fold-out terrace. Where you will place these cottages? That’s completely up to you. Close your eyes, spin around 10 times and point your finger straight forward. That’s where you can place ARK. 

This project came to light when architecture student Michiel De Backer went to do his Erasmus program in Slovakia and met Martin Mikocvak. After exchanging some ideas, the first designs of a movable residence were born. The aim is to transform small mobile homes into a permanent residence. The reason of this project is very simple. We are all witnessing an evolution of new technologies in a fast moving forward world. Escaping life and going back to our roots is what everyone is craving for from time to time. 

That’s what ARK is all about. Sleeping in the wild, enjoying breakfast underneath the trees and soaking up some sun in the morning or relaxing in a grass field surrounded with the sound of crickets. This is all within your reach.Move away the modern citizen from everyday stress and drop them in the middle of nature, will ensure you of relaxing and settle down for a moment. The eye-catching booths are the result of a new, ecological and innovative approach of a limited residence.

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