Lace Art

Elodie Antoine is an artist with a love for fabrics and techniques, one of the reasons why she was fascinated by the age-old custom of lace making. Instead of going for the white floral and  romantic lace standard, she translated the technique into a structured black and white industrial world. A world where tactility is opposed by the bidimensionnality and the brittleness of the material.

There's one big difference between the traditional lace making and Elodies way of doing it. Althoug she makes her lace meticulous and  with a certain respect of the standards, she also likes to make fun of it by leaving parts empty or leaving the wire without finishing it. A big no-no in the world of traditional lace-making.

Although the handwork of lacemaking has largely been done and used by women over history, Elodie makes sure that her visual opposes this through its masculine subject. Industrial buildings, transmission towers or fence wires replace the traditional lace image of flowers, animals and curly patterns.

After seeing her work, the I Love Belgium team is wondering about taking up a new hobby...

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