Technology surrounds our daily lives, we embrace it and (let's be honest) we can't live without! This new way of being also influenced the current art scene. A perfect example is the Brussels based artist group LAb[au]. This group has been founded with the aim to examine the influence of advanced technologies in the forms, methods and content of art.

With a background in architecture their members and projects are concerned with the construct of ‘space’ and the way it can be planned, experienced and conceptualised in an information age. Herby the attention lies in the relation between architecture, light and advanced technologies. This varies from measuring and translating surrounding public sounds and into luminous, sonic and kinetic rules till looking into the swarm behaviour of pixels.

The group name of LAb[au] inhabits a phonetic and a written meaning: the one of the French pronunciation ‘labo’  standing for an experimental approach and the one of  ‘bau’ (german word for construction) of projects.
This alliance between theory and practice motivated the group to found the gallery ‘MediaRuimte’ in the city centre of Brussels in 2003.

Luckily the work doesn't stay in the gallery, LAb[au] showed in some of the most prestigious places around the world:  Emocao Art.ficial  Sao Paolo/ Club|Transmediale Berlin / Witte de With Rotterdam / Centre Georges Pompidou Paris / Sonar Barcelona / New Museum New York / Nabi Art Center Seoul / ICA London / Bauhaus Dessau / Louvre Paris ...among many others.

Some of their most "famous" works include several light installations on the Dexia tower. The generative artwork "PixFlow #2" (which competed in the Canvas collection RTBF) and the kinetic light sculptures "Binary Waves" & "f5x5x5". The I Love Belgium team embedded these works, but don't hesitate to discover more online.  If you're already too much of an internet addict then get away from the screen and pay a visit to the gallery!

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