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Jeremie's World

Bright, fun, and dynamic—we just can’t look away from Belgian Illustrator Jeremie Claeys’s graphic designs.

His visuals are captivating and exciting. The vibrant colors suck you in, and you stay for the stories the images tell. His narratives are multi-layered, and there is always something more to observe. Be it from the character’s body language and expressive facial expressions, or complex props and backgrounds.

Claeys’s Belgian influences are clear to see. Some of his figures appear to have walked straight out of a Tin Tin comic. Hergé’s concept of “la Claire Ligne”—the clear line—is used in Claeys’s work. By using uniform lines to highlight form rather than shading, the final product is bold and essential. Yet Claeys adds linear and dotted patterns to add even more interest to his forms.

And also just take a glance at his personal logo that takes symbols of Magritte’s surrealism with a pipe, eye, and top hat; and transforms it to the illustrator’s ultimate tool: a pencil.

Claeys has worked for clients such as Unesco, Georges, Neon Magazine, and more. He also collaborates with fellow artists to create projects such as The Big Coloring Book Challenge filled with imaginative illustrations to be colored in by young (and old) audiences. Even working as a commissioned designer, Claeys gives each pieces his own spin.

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