I Love Belgium interviews Tom Van Dorpe

It's time for another interview and we're very proud we could get a hold of our newest interviewee: Belgian stylist Tom Van Dorpe.

Tom currently lives in the Big Apple working for V Magazine, V Man, Geil Magazine and other high end fashion magazines. Tom has always been a busy bee even when he still lived in Belgium: scouting for Dominique Models, doing stylings for Le Vif Weekend, Essentiel,... but New York was calling his name. If you make it there, you can make it anywhere, and Tom is on the right track making it big. We managed to meet up with him before the big holiday rush.

ILB – So Tom, are you preparing for the holidays? Do you put a Christmas tree in your apartment? Is it a special period for you,

I love December because it's such a festive month, my Birthday, Christmas, New Years eve... getting the whole family together... I love it. I also like this month because we think about all the things that happened in the past year, and prepare ourselves for the next one to come. 2010 was a great one for me so i'm very thankful and It's amazing to start from there. I'm still hesitating if I should put a tree in my apartment in NY as I wil be in Belgium for the holidays, But I'm hanging Christmas lights for sure ; ).
ILB – Do you miss your family and friends during this season? Do you buy them loads of gifts because you feel guilty you cannot be with them?

I love shopping and I love buying presents. My office is in Soho so it's almost impossible to walk home without buying anything... maybe some people buy presents out of guilt, for me it's more as a thank you for the love and friendship I'm getting.
ILB – What are the Belgian things that you miss the most in NY? And are there also things that you absolutely don’t miss?

I know so many amazing people in Belgium and I miss them a lot. I miss Belgian food. As a true belgian I love going out and I love dancing till the early morning... In New York clubs close at 4.00 am. I miss walking home in the morning sun after a great night out! that's such a belgian thing to do. I also miss driving around in my car with my friends, great times we had! but what i absolutely don't miss is the traffic, I used to spend hours in my car driving to Brussels from Ghent Sometimes it took me 2,5 hours! pure Horror. In Manhattan everything is max a 15 min cabride away. No stress and no migraine!
ILB – What are biggest differences between American and European (or Belgian) fashion? And what are favourite American and Belgian designers?

American fashion is about classics, comfort and timeless zlegance. The American look and design is very similar in style, European designers each have a much stronger identity. Especially the Belgian designers that all have been so influential! New trends come from Europe where designers are really changing and pushing fashion forward,
Balenciaga, Prada, Haider Ackerman, YSL always surprising people with new collections full of creative ideas.

It's hard to say who my favorite Belgian designer are... I have huge respect for all of them. Personally I wear Dries Van Noten almost every day so he must be my favorite, his clothes are just so perfect for me. I think it's bizar sometimes.
The other day I was in the biggest department store in Hong Kong and bought a DVN sweater, how strange is that?

My Favorite new American designers at the moment would probably be Alexander Wang, as he put his name on NY Cool at this moment. He's very on trend and girls love wearing his pieces, wich in the end that's what fashion should be about.
He's a really fun boy also! I think Joseph Altuzarra is super talented and will go very far and course the one and only Tom Ford.
ILB – Michael Kors or Michael Jackson? And Why?

I love michael Jackson, best performer of all time. I grew up dancing to his music... May he rest In peace!
ILB - As a stylist, what would you like to achieve? What would be your dream shoot? Which models, which collections?

I have so much fun with what i do and i feel i get better every day at it wich is great, It would be a great achievement to keep that feeling trough my whole career. I love working on beautiful images, and try to make the clothes and models look at their best, It's nice to see the people i work with or for happy and want to continue achieving that. Success is a strange thing, the more you get the more you want.. People are never really satisfied and i think it's a very dangerous thing wanting to be the best. It's hard to say wich would be my dream shoot, But let's say an all black story with belgian model Pauline Van der Cruysse shot by Steven Meisel for Italian Vogue with make up by Peter Philips would be amazing!
ILB – Why do you love Belgium?

I love Because because it's the country that made me who  I am,
I love Belgium because I'm proud to be a Belgian,
I love Belgium because the people I love are there
I love Belgium because it's so much fun
I love Belgium because it will always be home
ILB – Thanks Tom! And enjoy your holidays with your friends and loved-ones!

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