I love Belgium interviews Belgian male supermodel Cesar Casier

Cesar Casier is Belgium's most successful model since eighties fashion icon Michel De Windt (who's a photographer now www.micheldewindt.com). The Ghent native packed his bags and lives in The Big Apple now. He walked shows for Dior Homme and Gucci and starred in ad campaigns for Husky, Armani Jeans and Dsquared. This 22-year old, has been to many places and seen many faces. You can follow his shouts and thoughts on his blog www.thecesarsalad.blogspot.com. I love Belgium sat down with him and lined up a few questions.

First a really lame question, but people are always interested in that kind of stuff: what are you wearing?

My favorite outfit s a Black, skinny jeans, Over sized T-shirt, sweater with a hoodie and leather jacket and a pare of boots. most of the times I'm totally dressed in black. Black is my favorite color for clothes.

Why did your start with your own blog?

I started with my blog because i thought it could be funny and i have a lot of free time during shoots or castings...

I see you sometimes give fashion advice on your blog (cfr. jegging). Did fashion change you? Do you have days, you couldn't care less what you are wearing?

Fashion has always been important for me. My mom has the best fashion store in Ghent and my stephmother is a designer. I don't think fashion changed me. For me it's important to always look good when you leave your house, you never know who you will meet on the next corner. ;-)

You're one of the most successful Belgian male models of the last decade. You've done catwalks for the biggest designers and did worldwide campaigns. What else would you like to achieve in your life or career?

For me the most important thing is that people in fashion know who i am and that they think of me that I'm a good model, who's professional and fun to work with. One of my dreams is to be become the face of a big perfume with worldwide commercials/campaigns. But I think that's the dream of every male model. ;-)

If you had to guide people around in Belgium, where would you certainly take them and why?

To my city Gent (Ghent). I would take them to het SMAK museum (Ghent's museum for contemporary art www.smak.be), go for a brunch at Simon Says (www.simons-says.be) walk around in the city and finish the day in a nice restaurant and after we would go out for some amazing party life. Ghent is the best for parties! I would also show them Antwerp , for some shopping, and in the summertime I would take them to Knokke for some beach fun en voor een garnaalkroketje. (and for a shrimp croquette).

And our classic last question: why do you love Belgium?

I love Belgium because it's small, it's all so close, and it's fun to live in!

Thanks Cesar!

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