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Green House

One may forget, but architecture does not only concern the sheltering of humans. A great example are the Brussels Royal Greenhouses, constructed to receive plants from around the world. And although your standard DIY-shop will offer you an in-excessive flat-pack greenhouse, it won't be the best visual match next to your existing house. That's why we were pleasantly surprised when we saw this greenhouse project by Specimen Architects

The greenhouse is not a stand-alone but rather an extension of the existing building. That building, a plant nursery, is extended in both directions to define a new retail space and to double the surface area. The establishment of a new skin of translucent polycarbonate allows storage of plants and products related to horticulture. The homogeneity of the project provides an abstract simplicity to the building, reflecting the colors and moods of the context. At night, the building is illuminated from within, eliminating the need for signage for the nursery. This integrated architecture seamlessly incorporates design and advertising.

So if you feel like planting your own tomatoes, basel or lettuce, then head to this plant nursery and ask for advice and their architect contacts! You may be inspired to go the extra mile when it comes to greenhouses.

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