Lore Van Keer's poetic jewellery collection Frèle.x is all about emotions. About being mentally and physically locked up, the idea of the human being as one physical person and a multitude of emotional personalities. She translated this in fragile porcelain, connecting the pureness of emotions with the quality of the material. Form wise she worked with the basic cube, a form that fits the emotion of hiding.

Experimenting with the cube's form and material lead to an own aesthetic language obtained by stretching, folding, hollowing out and filling it. All of this is combined with uncontrolled silver lines, inspired by the chaotic architecture of Brussels. Yet the porcelain stays the main element of her jewellery as it combines the elements of both solidity and fragility. Porcelain has a memory of its own, which is, just like emotion, indelible and impossible to ignore. The I Love Belgium team loves her quirky, yet emotional approach of jewellery design. We already wonder what the next project will be about ...

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