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Fleeting Memories

What do you see when you look at one of Peter de Bruyne’s photographs?

Vast landscapes and vague figures that seem mysterious, yet recognizable, at the same time. Greenish and bluish tones that are sometimes just too good to be true, and other times gloomy. And blurriness. Even if you haven’t experienced these places, it feels as though this is all familiar territory.

Peter de Bruyne’s photography is deeply nostalgic and dreamlike. Each photo captures specific memories, but his pieces seem to represent the bittersweet process of a fading memory in of themselves.

As you experience life, you try to hold on to a moment through an obscure “snapshot” that allows you to access what you felt at that very moment. As time passes, you might think of that moment with more fondness—visually getting brighter and more beautiful—but at the same time it slips away. That is the fleeting beauty of memories that is captured in Peter de Bruyne’s work.

As you can see, Peter de Bruyne’s photography is not just a document; it purposefully makes you experience specific moments. Each picture is cinematic and solicits a narrative from its viewer. Visually it is even reminiscent of film stills.

Peter De Bruyne’s photography will take you on a journey down memory lane.

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