Five questions for Liv Vaisberg

Next up is Poppositions founder and director Liv Vaisberg. Conceived as an experiment with the art fair format, Poppositions is a pop-up fair changing location for each edition and featuring artists proposed by galleries and organisations working with site-specific exhibitions. They want to provide an alternative to the white cube environment of standard fairs while nurturing high artistic standard.

Last year they set-up their tents in the Brussels subway-station turned-event-location Congres and this year they landed in the new Cultural Centre Brass next to the Wiels. Poppositions is a vivid mix of galleries, performances and talks. Not only the art pops-up but also food and drinks and even books thanks to a mobile cafe by Broer Bretel, a vegetarian conceptual food of pop-up Villa Leopolda and the nomadic bookshop Theophile’s Papers.

ILB - What's the difference between good and bad art?

I think good art is art that forces you to ask questions, that triggers some emotions or intellectual kick. Good art is visionary. Bad art is decorative, cliché, uninspiring.


ILB - Why is art important?

Well art keeps you away from the trivial and banal. Art brings you back to the essential. It's a stimulation we need, for individuals and as well as our society in general. It challenges us more than the general media that gives us ready-made info, whereas art gives us the challenge to think more about an issue without giving us direct answers. 


ILB - Poppositions is a traveling art fair, will you pop up in other countries too or do you want to keep it local?

When we started, we had in mind to travel around non stop. The idea was to highlight the temporality of fairs but also the pop-up model. We definitely want to continue keeping it local but why not having little brothers and sisters across the world.


ILB - What's your favorite art work at Poppositions?

I honestly cannot answer this. There is not one artwork I favor above others. We worked in collaboration with curators to select the best works and it worked out pretty well. We all agreed on what was good art amongst all the propositions we received. This year we have an interesting jury who selected the three best artworks with three prizes: an art book by Shelter press, a pop-up exhibition in the financial district in London at Open Plan and a residency and exhibition in NYC at Mr Fine Art. 


ILB - Why do you love Belgium?

I love Belgium for so many reasons. I love the fact that it is a place of possibilities giving people the chance to realise projects you wouldn't dream of elsewhere. I love the modesty and understated attitude and the great quality in art, design and fashion Belgium has to offer. I love the fact that I change language zones every single day. I love the fact that Belgium is so small that you can travel from Charleroi to Antwerp to Ghent to Brussels like you would do between neighbourhoods in Berlin or London.

pictures courtesy of Ylenia Maitino

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