Felix Gonzalez-Torres retrospective at Wiels

I Love Belgium checked out the traveling retrospective of Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ oeuvre at Wiels, including both rarely seen and more known artworks, while proposing an experimental form for the exhibition that is indebted to the artist’s own radical conception of the artwork. More pictures and the rest of story after the jump.

Gonzalez-Torres (American, b. Cuba 1957-1996), one of the most influential artists of his generation, settled in New York in the early 1980s, where he studied art and began his practice as an artist before his untimely death of AIDS related complications. His work can be seen in critical relationship to Conceptual art and Minimalism, mixing political activism, emotional affect, and deep formal concerns in a wide range of media, including drawings, sculpture, and public billboards, often using ordinary objects as a starting point—clocks, mirrors, light fixtures. Not only did he use everyday objects, for Gonzalez-Torres, art is also something evanescent hence his piles of candy, from which the visitor can take, or his stacks of paper/posters that also can be taken home by the spectator. Art can also be a snapshot in our life, one of the many stimulae burning on your retina. If you visit the exhibition, be sure to also visit the many billboards by Gonzalez-Torres all over Brussels. Exact locations can be found on the Wiels website.

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