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Fact Versus Fiction

You wake up, and on your way to work you slowly slip into your professional self to prepare for the day. But then later on, as you relax with friends, you become a carefree and fun version of yourself. Depending on who you are with, or the time in your life, you are constantly transforming-in a way that might make you question, what exactly is the real version of you?

Rinus Van de Velde, the Belgian artist who lives in Antwerp, is very interested in the idea that even our own self might not be authentic since it can be changed so often. He visualizes this concept through his art by drawing himself into scenarios that he never actually experienced.

So instead of depicting the scenes of a artist in his studio-which would be the truth of his life- Van de Velde researches specific people and transforms himself into these different characters such as a rockstar, champion chess player or a castaway to create a fake autobiography.

By showing these fake transformations as real life, Van de Velde shows the viewer how thin the line between reality and illusion really is. He takes this further by making the art itself resemble a photograph. Only until you notice the artistic strokes and dramatic contrast do you remember that this is all a manipulation of the truth.

So as you look at Rinus Van de Velde’s captivating art, and read its seemingly realistic captions, remember to ask yourself, what is real and what is fake?

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