Belgian innovative ideas, we like them! Envelop.eu is one of those, this online print-on-demand platform gives illustrators an all-round platform. This service doesn't stop with printing graphics on high quality cotton, it also promotes and sells these items worldwide.

Just like I Love Belgium was born out of a profound love for Belgium, Envelop came into existence with a profound love for textiles and graphics. Founder Serge Belmans saw far too many illustrations die on the disk/desk. That's why he developed a tool that enables talents from all over the world to literally spread their creative output. All of this can be found back on daily objects such as aprons, place mats, oven gloves and the list goes on!

What the I Love Belgium team appreciated are the open Envelop policies and prices. First of al owners stay owners: they just transfer the rights for 1 print per 1 order, good to know in a digital world full of unseen data harvesting! Secondly the prices: affordable and fixed. Ranging from an oven glove of 15, 99 euro to the biggest pillow cover of 24,99 euro. Unique creativity and good prices, beat that Ikea!

And while every nationality can use a template to apply their graphics, the cotton objects are assembled in Belgium by means of an eco defendable production process. Moreover, it contains a unique label featuring the designer's as well as the receiver's info. What do you want more?

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