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Dinner and a Show with Le Petit Chef

Would you ever think that a 3D artistic projection company would host a dinner party? Skullmapping did just that and amazed guests with not only a great meal, but also a captivating show. Skullmapping uses 3D projection and mapping techniques to experiment with the partnership between technology and art. They develop surprising scenes that stretch the imagination by using extra dimensions and sophisticated optical illusions to trick your eye into seeing motion on static objects such as walls, floors, buildings, monuments and this time plates.

Antoon Verbeeck and Filip Sterckx of Skullmapping created the show Le Petit Chef to entice a new dining experience. Guests are greeted by a combination of physical cutlery, glasses, and plates mixed with a projected fork and projected menu on their plates. The show begins when their own mini personal chef that pops out of a manhole in the table by their glass to greet them. The chef then entertains guests by putting on a funny show of creating their dinner plate from scratch. Each plate becomes a grill that the mini chef not so delicately cooks on. He uses motor gasoline to light the fire, and balances a fork three times his size to prepare the meal. While the mini chef begins his prep, a forest of greens begin to grow right out of the table for the mini chef to cultivate with comedic flair. Broccoli is even cut with a chain saw by the eager mini chef. To finish off the show, each mini chef accidentally creates an explosion that cues a fresh plate of real food to be served. Guests get to try an edible version of the show that they just witnessed! 

Antoon and Filip take the dining experience to the next level when they eliminate the wait with entertainment. They add a touch of whimsy and fun to create an unforgettable night. Next time you are out with friends, Le Petit Chef just might be waiting to impress you! Take a look below!

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