Café Costume - Sartorial accessories

For their new season the boys and girls of Belgium’s hippest tailoring à la carte-address Café Costume focused on finishing, fabrics and accessories.
Their tailored coat – launched last season – can be ordered in moleskin now, their choice of buttons is now for a man like choosing a pair of Manolos for a women and last but not least, they launched a line of ‘sartorial accessories’ together with Antwerp jewellery collective Atelier 11: silver cuff links and tie clasps. Tongue-in-cheek designs with references to the poker, pin-up and rock world.
And since they love their home-country, they added a special pair of cufflinks called ‘Belgium’, the outlines of Belgium in gilded silver. Unfortunately we'll have to disappoint our international readers: these beauties are sold exclusively at the Café Costume boutiques in Belgium (from 80 euros to 120 euros).

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