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In Bloom

Nothing is more beautiful, confusing, or inspiring than growing into your true self. Photographer Charlotte Abramow, along with plant artist Duy Anh Nhan Duc partnered to create Metamorphosis, a collection of photographs depicting the transformation of a young girl as she encounters puberty. The series captures the metaphor between a flower blooming and the beauty of discovering the start of puberty. It shows “life blossoming” into a new form while depicting the progression of the struggles and the acceptance that follow the inevitable yet untimed changes of the body.

Metamorphosis’s subject is a young, innocent, doe eyed girl clothed in white. Her bright eyes, alabaster skin, and candid expressions create the backdrop for Duy’s flowers to mimic the process of menstruation. Charlotte and Duy take a taboo experience and personify it into an image that men and women alike can relate to. We can see how the doe eyed girl fights with herself and copes with her evolution by watching her wondering expressions, her acceptance of growth and blossoming, and her pure development. Like a true cycle, each step is not always a glamorous process. Along with discovery, we are also shown the toxic elements that come with the beginning of adolescence and how we are pulled to danger and begin to crave taking risks at a young age.

Without a single word, Metamorphosis shows the development of growing out of ones “cocoon”and blossoming into the dangerous yet beautifully disturbing world around us.

Take a look bellow at Charlotte and Duy’s collaboration.

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