Beam Tables

Back in 1959, iconic architect Mies van der Rohe spoke in the New York Herald Tribune about restraint in design. This resulted into one of the most famous design/architecture quotes and principles: "Less is more". When we came across these beam tables of Brussels-based designer Damien Gernay (you may know him under his previous name Dustdeluxe) this quote seemed in place!

These tables, a small series produced during a one week workshop at depot basel, don't use any glue or screws. Instead you just have a panel wedged in a beam. But can you therefore call it minimalism? Here we have to nuance ourselves! The I love Belgium team, after a long debate, would like to title it naturalism! The best of nature combined with the well thought out principles of minimalism.

Damien designs in such a way that touch becomes volume, visual becomes colour, and frequency becomes shape. He works with the vocabulary of the material, creating his own language which evokes, insinuates or questions. So what do you think about these beam tables? Does it evoke a modern Mies van der Rohe sentiment?

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