Aim Low and go High

It's hard to find an appealing title for a redesigned gynaecology practice. Instead the I Love Belgium team played with the name of the Antwerp-based architecture office: Low architects. And yes they do aim high. It's a well know fact that medical spaces need to be clean, germ-free white and uncomfortably harsh on the eyes. But to be honest, who wants a medical cabinet with wall to wall carpet, fake fur medical tables and pastel colours on the wall? That's why Low Architects came up with this little but genius intervention. A touch of fluorescent yellow.

Keeping up with clinical tradition the architects kept the white walls, but added a huge splash of colour in the glass door elements. Framing all of this with a heavy black outline which continues in the furniture. Playing with boundaries between private, semi private and semi public space. In other words a well balanced exercise. So if you need to deliver your baby and your and Ghent, you have a stylish spot to go to.

Photos by Christophe Engels

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