Yannick De Witte

Yes we have a weakness for accessories but there's just so much talent in Belgium, it's hard not to talk about it. New discovery is Yannick De Witte, an Antwerp based jewelry designer. We discovered him admiring one of his friends at a fancy party wearing one of his new creations. So yes, it's good to have your friends as ambassadors.

Yannick has a bachelor in art history and a bachelor in jewelry design at the Royal Academy in Antwerp and after hist graduation followed numerous collaborations with fashion students from the Antwerp Academy (Romain Brau, Angelo Van Mol, Lena Lumelsky,...).

He sees his jewelry more as objects and the 'form follows function' principle could be very much associated with his geometric designs. He uses different kind of materials and he considers the production process is a prolongation of the design process. There's always a basic concept, but the result can be totally different in the end depending on the raw materials being used, whether it's silver, bones, semi-precious stones,...

We especially love his The New World collection where he mixed silver with real bones but if you're creeped out wearing dead animal on your body, you can always choose one of his designs in pure silver whether or not ornamented with onyx or pyrite. His latest collection Collarfull is his take on the classic tailored shirt and tie: a series of neck jewelry  giving that extra touch to a boring  shirt.

Yannick also does custom pieces and when we saw his custom iPhone shell in silver and shagreen our heart skipped a beat. You can check a whole series of Yannick's jewelry on our Facebook page.

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