Wind Paintings

>How do you define vegetal art? Well, you have a look at the work of artist Bob Verschueren. Art where nature silently and surreptitiously invades its surroundings. Among his most ground breaking works are the Wind Paintings from the 1970s and 1980s which involved painting the landscape of empty and desolate places with the help of wind.

He "painted" these canvasses with crushed charcoal, iron oxide, chalk, terra verte, flour, yellow ochre, terre de Cassel, burnt and natural umber. Each time, after a specific material was laid out in a linear motif on the land, Verschueren would wait for the wind, a hand that sublimates the art to the materials to distribute the variously coloured pigments and materials over the land. The resulting works usually only last a few hours, whereupon the wind that created them likewise blows them away.

After the Wind Paintings Verschueren experimented  in painting landscapes with light. Resulting in unpredictable and beautiful results such as the Wind Paintings. He has said that the monumental and colossal aspect of Land Art is lost in photographs that bear witness to such art projects. Each design applies natural elements to establish a relation to the specific architecture and landscape of a site - be it indoors - out in the land - or in the city, but the process remains accidental.

What the I Love Belgium team loves? The fact that these 40-year old paintings still have a relevancy and contemporary feel to them. How many 70's and 80's artists can deliver that...

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