A Wild Rooftop Garden

Most rooftop gardens consist out of  minimalistic forms, pebbles galore and geometric greenery. That's why the I Love Belgium team fell in love with this rather "wild" example in Antwerp. Instead of the modernistic approach to a rooftop garden, this one recalls the feeling of a field somewhere in the Ardennes.

High grass, small bushes, colourful plants,... combine this with the extraordinary view on the centre of Antwerp and you have the perfect mix between the city and the country side. And this all year long as the central garden pavilion assures a warm shelter during rainy autumn days. While a hammock and retro terrace furniture assure great summer entertaining.

Who created this piece of heaven? Bart Haverkamp and Pieter Croes teamed up to create their garden architecture office. Why do you want a Bart and Pieter gareden? Cause they are the reference when it comes to urban rooftop garden. Just look at the pictures! Do we need to say more?

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