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What's on the Highway?

Have you ever gazed in confusion at the stark concrete structure that lines the highways of Brussels? Would you be shocked to find out that it was created with great intent by sculptor and architect Jacques Moeschal?

Dating back to 1963, L'Envol (French the take off moment), welcomes those out on the road with its open arms that float at the top, as well as invites others to start a new adventure. Reminiscent of the wings of a bird in flight, L'Envol tells those who are passing by to explore their surroundings and to be inspired by the normal things they pass everyday. Jacques created a disruption in the routine that allows those who pass it to take a moment to observe their surroundings.

23 meters high in the sky, it watches over the city with its industrial strength. Made out of the same materials as the highway, it should be seen as not a singular sculpture, but in line with the rest of the scenery. The blue sky that L'Envol stands proud in is the perfect opposition of freedom to the sculpture’s strong and permanent base; while the highway itself is not only a sign of the paths that have been taken, but of all the wonders that have yet to be explored.

And if you hit the road in Belgium, it's highly probable that you will cross another Moeschal sculpture! Underneath you can find some other pieces of art that grace Belgian highways, do you know where to find them?

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