Water tower living by Crepain Binst architecture

Belgian power house Crepain Binst Architecture converted an industrial water tower into a jaw-dropping livable habitat. Back in 1994, Jo Crepain got the assignment to transform this a-typical building into something new, unique and contemporary. 17 years later and this house still answers all the demands.

The concrete tower served up till 1937 running water to the main manor and service buildings. Later on the commune built four new water towers for it's inhabits. Due to the outdated technique and construction methods the water company showed no interest in the already existing tower.

In 1950 the municipality acquired the manor house and the surrounding grounds. The tower became neglected and was left to fall into ruins. Eventually, the council had to decide whether to tear it down or whether to sell it and give it a new purpose.

Are we happy they opted for the last option. With simple building materials, Jo Crepain transformed the existing platforms of this 23m high cylindrical water reservoir into the perfect bachelor pad. By combining transparency with out-of-this world fluorescent lamps, this important landmark  strengthened it's character.

Inside the Water tower the dinning room  offers a panoramic view on the bordering woodland through the 5 meter high window. Even in winter this place is magical as on the fourth platform a winter garden blooms. You wonder what happens with the actual water reservoir? Well a hole is made in the bottom, making it accessible during parties and special occasions.

The I Love Belgium team starts dreaming away... And wondering if we could rent the place for a night!

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