Visual Writing

What is visual writing? To keep it short: writing that uses visual elements as an integral part of the writing itself. And these visual elements can come in all shapes and guises: they could be crossed out words, or photographs, or die-cuts, or blank pages. The best example? An American-Belgian-British collaboration.

Celebrated American author Jonathan Safran Foer, not your everyday writer, collaborated with Belgian born, London based, graphic designer Sara De Bondt for his newest book "Tree of Codes". With a different die-cut on every page, Tree of Codes is as much a sculptural object as it is a work of masterful storytelling. Tree of Codes is, or better, was a Polish story by Bruno Schulz named Street of Crocodiles. It was that story, since Safran Foer has been cutting out words in order to reveal a totally new story.

The cutting can be taken very literally, as the white spaces were actually kept in the book. In other words a book that is impossible to digitalise! Published by Visual Editions, a small London-based publisher specialising in visual writing, the search of a printer turned out to be really difficult. Until they found Belgian print-house Die Keure who made the impossible possible.

The story? We advice to read the book! But keep concentrated, as the graphics will play tricks with your mind. We've added a video of the making-off and public reactions on the book. And by the looks on their faces, we should keep visual writing in mind for the renewed I Love Belgium...

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