In the studio with Doriane Van Overeem

When an artist is faced with choosing between fitting the bill or honoring her craft, two things can happen: She can either get lost in the sea of commons or she can unleash her inner queen.
Doriane van Overeem was an artist facing a similar choice. The decision she made gave birth to "Fatherfuckers' Queen" - a collection that has earned her international recognition and spearheaded an impressive young career. The I Love Belgium team sat down with Doriane in her studio to talk family, fashion and feminism. We sat down in front of her wall of inspiration, which was adorned with images of flower patterns, mermaids and Marilyn Manson quotes. The wall paid homage to her style - beautiful feminine pieces with strong edges and powerful tailoring. 

She tells us fashion is a sort of legacy for her. Her mother picked pieces from local markets to put together stylish outfits. The practice led Doriane to pursue fashion at Le Cambre, where she graduated from last spring. She said her biggest challenge was making the decision to be herself in a sea of "normal." Designing her graduating collection became a lot easier once she followed her heart. The collection featured "punk" tailored jackets with feminine flower patterns, strong colors and fur. We were very curious to find out where the title "Fatherfuckers' Queen" originated. According to Doriane, she wanted the collection to have a strong statement about the woman who wears her clothing. She wanted her to belong to a fairytale and feel her inner power. "Fatherfuckers" came from the idea that "motherfucker" is an insult many people don't give much thought to. "I wanted to show that every woman should be treated like a queen; should be respected," she said. "I wanted to show that through fashion." She wanted to show a masculine femininity through her designs, by tailoring for a powerful, modern queen. 

A pink sweater from "Fatherfuckers' Queen" was seen on Ciara and was voted the best look of fall by Vogue USA. Since then, Doriane's work has evolved and she is working on a new collection entitled "The Way to Say No." The new collection is inspired by the mermaid posters hanging above her desk. She says the pieces will be more commercial, focusing on black and white combinations, but she assured us her usual statement-making patterns will still be very present. We at I Love Belgium are looking forward to "The Way To Say No", because based on what we have seen of Doriane's work so far, it will be nothing short of extraordinary.

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