Strook's stripes

Quick fact: did you now that Magritte used to be a graphic designer before he dedicated his life to art? And he's not the only one, so did Andy Warhol and Stefaan De Croock. Okay we already hear you thinking "Who's the last one"? Well then it's time that the I Love Belgium team introduces you to the work of Bruges-based artist Strook!

Stefaan's work, better known as Strook (Dutch for strip), is still heavily based within the graphic design field. His cubistic portraits made out of recycled wood are all well proportioned, rational and precise. But by adding colours and narrative details he adds depth and soul to his work. The postures of his human figures and the natural quality of the wood give the work a human touch. And even when he goes away from the figurative, his eye for colour and placement keep the storyline alive.

Keep an eye on Stefaan's work and who knows, maybe he'll end up in that list of artists names where you don't need to think twice!

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