The Stork House

A few days ago, the  I Love Belgium team received an exiting mail from architecture photographer Thomas De Bruyne also know as Cafëine. The link in his mail redirected us to a series of photographs taken at the modernist Villa "The Stork" in the seaside city Ostend. Something we just had to share with you!

But maybe even more fun to share is the history of this piece of protected Interbellum architecture. Architect Joseph De Bruycker constructed this villa in 1935 for doctor Depuydt and his family. The name "the stork" came into being after the family, blessed with 13 children, decided to put a metal stork on the chimney. It's also the only decorative element to this cubistic and functional volumeplay.

Thomas took the pictures as it will be soon for sale on, an online platform for architectural Belgian masterpieces. If you don't have the money for a seaside place, then at least you can enjoy the pictures of the splendid interior and exterior. Don't you just love the green and black bathroom?

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