Sonny Vandevelde

Sonny Vandevelde is a Belgian-Australian fashion photographer living between Belgium and the outback. Born in Europe but raised on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. He had his first camera when he was about 7 , and really got into it more when he started school, taking pictures of friends , excursions etc...After school he went to college to further his photographic skills, but it only lasted about 3 months, as he felt he wasn't learning anything, so he packed his bags and went to the snowy mountains with his best friend, Craig. From there he got into Sports photography, doing a lot of free style ski-ing photos, doing covers for the Australian ski magazines, and quickly got picked up to do the shootings for Quicksilver.
Back in Sydney he started documenting the night life scene, which lasted a good 10 years and also put me more in touch with the fashion world.
At the time he approached fashion photography from a different angle than most photographers. Looking back now, he feels that he put a lot more energy, colour and life into his photos, where as the standard at the time was a lot of studio shoots, with very static poses, he would be outside on location and having the models move. Lifestyle photography someone called it once. When he saw similarities with the European photographer's scene at that time, he decided to leave Australia and decided to set up a base in Europe, from where he could still get some travelling done. As from then his career in fashion had liftoff.
As a fashion photographer, he has to be able to pack his life in a suitcase because there's no fashion week without Sonny. He takes backstage pictures for some of the biggest designers in the world (Dries Van Noten, Lanvin, John Galliano, Dior,...) and he has a nose for young upcoming talent. Check his blog for some spectacular high fashion shots. Be sure to check out his backstage pictures of the Cacharel FW 10 show be also documented on I Love Belgium.

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