Resin Reminiscence

Renown Belgian artist Marcel Berlanger has been painting practically all his life. Learning the craft from his grandfather as a child, he went on to study at EGR (Graphic Research School) and in 1993 began working alongside Jan de Nys.

He paints on a material of his own design: liquid resin, sometimes reinforced by fiberglass, and poured into a gridiron mold. Similarly to how a computer prints a photo, he paints by creating a grid and shading each box to create a completed picture.  At first glance, his paintings might be mistaken for photographs or tapestries. The fibrous texture suggests the knots of a carpet or the pixels of a digital photo more than the brush strokes of paint.

His work is multi-dimensional, accentuating the relationship between light and art, art and audience. The pictures hang from the ceiling and with each passing moment, according to the lighting, the artwork changes. The paint becomes  illuminated as the light shines through the resin. The works are deliberately displayed to interplay with each other. Looking at one painting, you sometimes find yourself looking through to another. In the same way, the audience becomes a part of the picture as you peer through one  work, you glimpse another person viewing another piece of the collection.

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