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PrimaDonna Girl

To celebrate a strong 150th anniversary and dedication to craftsmanship, Belgian underwear brand specialised in the bigger cup size, PrimaDonna launched a lingerie fashion show and exhibit featuring vintage heritage pieces, as well as pieces from their current four design lines. In the halls of the BOZAR PrimaDonna showed their love for audacity, confidence, and sexiness. Ilovebelgium caught up with designer and Antwerp Academy graduate Toon Geboers of PrimaDonna to learn about the making of their latest lingerie show that graced girls with real curves.

We spoke about the collection, the process, and the future! 

ILB: What was the inspiration for these collections and the show?
We are inspired from what catches speed on social media, blogs, films, and other images; but some of our biggest inspirations come from the suppliers themselves. We will share ideas, concepts, as well as trends with suppliers to see what new fabrics, colors, and textures are available that can embody the mood we are trying to create. A huge part of our process is finding the right materials and silhouettes that will make a woman feel beautiful. 

ILB: How have you grown because of this show? 
PrimaDonna has seen so much growth since 2010, and this event embodies the success of that growth. In 2010 PrimaDonna launched Twist, with great feedback in the past five years. This line let us reach more women and help them feel beautiful in new ways. Twist is younger and flirty with padded cups and ruffles that allow us to be playful with our pieces. Next summer we will launch Night, a sexier line that uses silks to give every woman confidence. 

ILB: What is the creative process for a show like this one? 
It takes 18 months to create the lines, so we are constantly working years in advance. It starts by using trend forecasting and feedback to come up with the concept and initial ideas. Our decisions are created with a few themes in mind such as classical, colorful, night, sexy, playful, detail frequency, and heritage. Detail frequency is key because of color choice. Picking colors that look great against the body is a daunting task. We go through over 100 different shades to pick out three in the end. It is a long process to make our women feel beautiful, and our garments to stand out. 

ILB: Why is PrimaDonna so iconic? 
Faith. We are faithful to our women and in return our women are faithful to us. The details in our lingerie and swimwear are the reason why women want to wear PrimaDonna. This is where our dedication to heritage is so important by mimicking the curves of a corsets and the detailed craftsmanship in every stitch. 

ILB: What is next for PrimaDonna?
We will hopefully be pulling more inspiration from the designs of our heritage collection and see how our Night and Twist lines can grow. So far we have had a great response!

Thank you Toon for the interview and we'll keep an eye on the future PrimaDonna collections!

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