Peter Philips' Chanel Makeup Moments

This Monday was resignation day. Not only did the pope decide to quit his job, but also Belgian make-up artist Peter Philips decided to leave his position as global creative director for Chanel makeup.

Peter Philips studied graphic design and moved to Antwerp to study fashion at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts where he became friends with photographer Willy Vanderperre, stylist Olivier Rizzo and other top Belgian designers such as Raf Simons and Veronique Branquinho.

After being inspired by observing Paris Fashion Week backstage (a lot of students of the Royal Academy  of Antwerp work backstage during fashion shows as dressers), Philips began working as a makeup artist. He became known for his use of unusual materials such as feathers, pearls and fabrics.

After two years of  training with Dominique Moncourtois and Heidi Morawetz (Chanel's Makeup team for over 30 years) he became global creative director of Chanel Makeup in 2008. In Vogue , he told he didn't really have a plan for the brand. He wanted to shake it up a bit and offer a nice palette, nice tools for women to use. And looking back, that's what he did. The I Love Belgium team did some research and listed their favorite Peter Philips Chanel Makeup moments.


1. Chanel tattoos

In the Spring 2010 show, Chanel showed transfer tattoos on the models. The tattoos called Les Trompe L’œil de Chanel, hit the stores in March 2010 and caused an immediate hype in beauty land. The tattoos were sold out in every store and the whimsical tattoos were the talk of the town among beauty bloggers and makeup lovers all over the world. It takes a mastermind to make temporary tattoos chic.

2. Chanel bedazzled eye brows

The FW 2012 collection featured a lot of jewel encrusted clothing so Peter worked with the Maison Lesage to create sets of embroidered eyebrows. Each eyebrow consisted of an anthracite gray sequins and pearl base, embroidered with several sorts and shades of mineral stones and crystals. Of course the trends didn't end up in the shops, but bold brows were immediately all the rage in beauty specials all over the world.

3. Chanel's cotton candy Marie-Antoinette

The Chanel 2013 resort collection  held at the Palace of Versailles was all about Marie-Antoinette. The collection was a joke, but the poppy Marie-Antoinette  makeup with cotton candy colored wigs and the interlocking c's on some of the model's cheeks were immediately trending on all beauty blogs. Despite the rumors that the velvet stick-on logos would be the next Chanel beauty hype, the beauty spots weren't commercialized. The pinks in the collection became the main theme in the Chanel beauty resort collection with a beautiful rose petal blush, a pink lip stick and a soft pink nail polish stressing the freshness of the rebellious young French queen.

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