Peter Ceursters - Wish You Eternal Sunshine

Peter Ceursters started a few years ago, playfully, by deconstructing a shirt completely. He assembled the different parts again, lined it with silk, to create a scarf, and that's how his scarf collection was born. Sometimes simple ideas are the best. For his SS2012 Ceursters reconstructs the scarves into garments by adding the back of a waistcoat to the scarf as a front.  His philosophy is that you sometimes have to break down to inches, to be able to start a new.

The colour scheme for next summer is one of the promise of an everlasting summer.  Shades of sunrise and sunset, from lagoon to orchid, tan to storm. Like the designer himself, Peter’s collection breathes a love for life, a celebration of freedom and movement, a hymn to integrity and sensitivity.

The  collection pieces are inspired by a very close friendship, a love affair, passing on experiences, offering a view on life and its possibilities, suggesting protection. A beautiful vision making delivering flow

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