Panoramic Refreshment

Temperatures are rising and people are looking for refreshment. As a result true urbanites flee the cities for seasides resorts, hidden wood lakes or the suburban friend's swimming pool. But what if you have a rooftop swimming pool overlooking the provincial city of Grimbergen? Indeed, you stay home and invite friends over!

So how did this come into being? Although the owner of the 17th century townhouse dreamt for years of a swimming pool in his small garden, he quickly changed his mind when the inhabited school building next doors was put up for sale. As a result the swimming pool dream got relocated from the garden towards the rooftop.

Why? Not only the size and unfavourable orientation of the garden, also constructive motifs defined the concept. Together with Mechelen-based architecture office dmvA the plans were made and the dream became reality. An intelligent structure of columns and beams of reinforced concrete forms a structural reinforcement and construction of the swimming pool. Underneath this structure a multifunctional place was envisioned while the schools building ground floor was reused as an outdoor kitchen for the adjacent garden.

The I Love Belgium team is now only waiting for a bbq and swimming pool party invitation...

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