Our House

Belgium has some great restaurants and we actually have a "dining out-culture". We love going to restaurants and having good food with friends. But for some years (we cannot speak of a trend anymore), people love having friends over  for dinner. No more parking troubles, no more traffic jams, no more discussion about who will not be drinking,... People even invite chefs at their own home who prepares everything and even does the dishes. But where's the fun when you don't have people raving over your excellent cooking skills?


Sandro Faber and husband Jos Pieters love to invite people over and that's why they decided to launch the project 'Our House'. What is it about? Very simple: from Thursday to Sunday you can go to their house and have a great home cooked vegetarian meal at a mere 8 euros (they're both vegetarians) and join in the conversation with Sandro and Jos who both love art, music and good food of course. "Ring our bell and feel home at our home", that's what they say themselves. If you look at their blogspot, you'll see what's cooking that day.

But are Sandro and Jos cooks? No. Are they all-round creatives? Yes! Sandro is actually a fashion designer graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. So he's not into fashion anymore? Yes, he still is! He's a freelance designer for several brands but he also launched his line of underwear: Heimweh ('homesick in German). Heimweh is a luxury men’s undergarments collection that embraces high quality, extreme comfort and timeless design. With this collection Sandro explores the boundaries between innocent, sometimes naive, and rational side of his character.  Brought up by a family of croatian imigrants and moving back to his parents homeland at young age resulted with an exploration of his sense of belonging to a certain place and question what and where is ones home. His home is now in Antwerp and if you're in the neighbourhood, ring his bell. He'll welcome you with open arms, and if you're lucky he'll be showing you his underwear.


Our House
Toekomststraat 22
2140 Antwerp

From Thursday to Sunday (2pm-9pm) - Food is served as from 6pm - Reservations: +32 474 368 778

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