The OPALIS Project

Old is then new New! In an age where recuperation, craftsmanship, story telling and environment are hot topics, the Opalis project ticks all the boxes. What is it? An online inventory, created by the collective Rotor, which brings together several dealers of recuperated building materials. Why you may ask? Today a hand-full of dealers are still keeping the tradition alive by handling in specific salvaged materials, a practice that is as old as construction

The Opalis project build a bridge between these dealers and (interior) architects, building contractors, scenographers and DIY people with a love for the second-hand. Upping the potential, both in terms of collecting
salvaged materials as in offering these materials
for sale.
The site contains detailed information and images of all dealers in Belgium, as well as information on
different types of materials. You might want to use google translate as the site is currently available in Dutch and French.

So next time you rush to your DIY superstore, keep Opalis in your mind! Cause it would be a shame to restore your cementtiles with some concrete-pouring action.

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