Niels Peeraer - The lotus and the snake, the curse of the white fox

You're born with talent, without any doubt. One day your talent will come out whether you're 6 or 60. Belgian designer Niels Peeraer's talent showed really quickly. At 18 he went to the Fashion Department at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, where he obtained his Master degree in June 2011. His Master collection guess technology isn't ready for pancake teleportation, which included a limited edition of handbags, made with the collaboration of Delvaux, won 5 awards and was exhibited at the fashion museum MOMU in Antwerp. Not bad for an 22-year old no?

Niels is currently based in Paris (let's admit it, still the fashion capital of the world). His leather accessories are mostly made out of natural colored cow’s leather in combination with metal pieces, carefully crafted but still with the intention to celebrate the natural beauty and strength of the leather. The roughness of the material mixed with the light heartedness of the designs.

His Fall-Winter 2012 collection  The lotus and the snake, the curse of the white fox, reflects the will of two youngsters wanting to protect their family crest and traditions. The accessory collection is very recognizable since everything is made of  the same vegetable tanned bridle leather with brass fittings. It does not only has hand bags but also bracelets, necklaces and even hat pieces. All with the signature super cute Niels Peeraer touch. Classics in the making.

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