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Max & Jan

Belgian designers are going beyond Belgian borders and making an international impact on the fashion world. How far exactly? To the exciting landscapes of Marrakech, Morocco. 

Belgian designer Jan Pauwels has joined forces with Swiss and Moroccan Maximilien Scharl to create their own vibrant brand, Max & Jan. Max & Jan combines top fashion and traditional Moroccan wear to create its own special blend of style. With their main store already located in the heart of Marrakech’s medina, Max & Jan continues to expand throughout Morocco as well as internationally in France, Belgium, and Ibiza just to name a few. Their hip and trendy look represents not only the new movement of Moroccan fashion but also celebrates the collaboration of cultures. We reached out to the designers to learn more about Max & Jan! 

ILB: How did this fashion partnership begin? 
Nine years ago, we met in a club! 

ILB: How would you describe the fashion of Max & Jan? 
Ethnic, oriental, Bohemian with spicy African flavor 

ILB: How does the Moroccan culture influence your fashion? 
When you live in Morocco, you will understand that it's a 24 hours inspiration: the souk, the craftsmen, the street wear, etc. 

ILB: What does the new movement of Moroccan fashion look like? 
Morocco seems like Berlin to me, lots of creative people from all around the world coming here to be inspired. 

ILB: Where are you both from?
Jan is from Belgium, and Max is from Switzerland but born in Morocco, so already in the mood! 

ILB: How does your brand invest in fair trade, and in your opinion why is it so important? 
Our product is 100% Moroccan, we try to work with a large quantity of local artisans, and our employees are working in a good environment. We try to do our best! 

ILB: What is your dream for the future of your brand? 
Open other concepts around the world! 

ILB: What projects is your brand working on currently? 
We are working on enlarging the Médina Store in Marrakech to 300 m² and opening before Christmas 2016, Surprise! 

ILB: Lastly, why do you love Belgium? 
Sarcasm, food, humor and of course Belgium fashion 

Thanks for the interview, and the I Love Belgium team is excited to see Max & Jan’s future endeavors!

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