Maison Minnie Mouse

Belgium has Maison Martin Margiela, but now also Maison Minnie Mouse. We already see a few of our readers frowning, so let's give you a little explanation: Maison Minnie Mouse is a celebration of Minnie Mouse as a fashion icon. Why Minnie? Because she has been a muse for many designers and has inspired fashion collections and catwalks from Paris to New York. Her style transcends all trends and her iconic silhouette and familiar look, with bows and polka dots, will never go out of fashion.

The concept was simple: Disney asked five young graduates from Belgian fashion schools (La Cambre Mode(s) in Brussels and the Royal Academy in Antwerp) to create their contemporary vision on Minnie Mouse. Damien Ravn, Doriane Van Overeem, Minju Kim, KRJST and Emmanuelle Lebas were the designers and Disney-lovers who could unleash their creativity on Disney’s fashion icon and muse. The objective? By means of Maison Minnie Mouse, Disney aimed to give these young fashion talents a platform and allow them to introduce their work to a wider audience. The designs would be exhibited in the hall of the MoMu, the famous fashion museum in Antwerp.

For the scenography Disney, Belgium’s own mr. Black, fashion consultant and professor at Brussels fashion academy La Cambre Mode(s) Didier Vervaeren created a visual impressive installation on which the mannequin dolls were mounted: five giant letters M-I-N-N-I-E featuring the trademark polka dots.

The festive opening (Minnie Mouse was there!) was last week and the whole experience was quite overwhelming. We think it's just right to end with one of Walt Disney’s famous quotes: “If you can dream it, you can do it," and that's what the designers did with Maison Minnie Mouse.

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