Louise Leconte

Fashion students immediately starting their own collection immediately after graduating can be considered crazy or very courageous, but if you have such a strong concept as Louise Leconte, it's very natural. Louise graduated in 2012 from La Cambre Mode in Brussels with her Jeanne d'Arc inspired collection.

Her inspiration came from a visit to the Metropolitan Museum in New York where she admired the permanent collection of armors. It came to her that an armor had something very feminine, accentuating the chest and the hips. The link between a woman in armor and Jeanne d'Arc was quickly made.

Her graduation collection of monochrome silhouettes in black and white was constructed with two contrasting materials: leather, more masculin and heavy, and organza, transparent, light and very feminine. Underneath you can watch a movie Louise made about her collection in which she stars herself (she's the perfect portrayal of her collection: a strong, confident woman).

The collection's star item was without any doubt her shield bag. A moulded shield in black leather that became an instant it-bag. Louise questions why a woman buys it-bags. Is it because it makes herself feel better? Does she use it as a shield to protect her? Or does she want to belong to a certain group (or army).

After her graduation she continued exploring leather artisanry and she developed different versions of the shield bag. Now you also have a smaller version and a shield wallet with practical shield mirrors. A collection of statement pieces to protect ourself  in the urban jungle we all live in.

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