A historic location, a patchwork of recycled marble, a mix match of design classics and thirteen honest dishes. That's restaurant Lieven in Bruges. We're not going to talk about the divine menu, instead we're having a look at the interior provided by interior architect Lieven Musschoot.  Just like his namesake chef Lieven Vynck, he made sure this restaurant is, beside the dishes, a feast for the eyes.

The interior balances the original elements of the historic building, such as the ceiling beams and fireplace, with minimal design elements. Although these sleek new additions (remark the central-positioned winding stair) are minimal form wise, Lieven made sure they used cosy materials and colours. Most obviously is the floor-to-ceiling marble covered wall. This patchwork of different sorts of recycled marble gives the wall a playful element without breaking the contemporary feel.

The same design philosophy continues on the second floor also known as the "living". This space can be rented out for a big private dinner as the communal table and chairs serve as a perfect host. No marble patchwork here, instead we find the driftwood patchwork of Piet Hein Eeks design furniture.

What are you waiting for? It's time to make a reservation!

pictures taken by Lidewij Elias

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