Liesje Reyskens Photography

Her girls have something doll-like, her colours are far from muted and her picture compositions are sober yet delicately balanced! Yes, we're talking about young photography talent Liesje Reyskens. A girl that has a natural feeling for colour, contrast, originality, sensuality and innocence.

Her passion for photography started in  her high school days. Dress-up parties with friends would invariably turn into photo shoots, and she eventually came to realise that this was more than just a hobby. Photography gave her life focus, not just literally but figuratively as well. After her studying photography, she applied twice for the Canvas Collection and was successful on both occasions. This got the ball rolling; several exhibitions followed soon.

As an art photographer, Liesje is is always looking for the bridge between realism and fantasy. Her photos portray youthful innocence with a fairy-tale sheen, but at the same time there’s a catch, as though a black page is lurking somewhere in that fairytale. And yes, Liesje is a true chameleon: doing the make-up, styling and location hunting herself.

Her girls, in uncompromising, original and strong decors , can be seen in various magazines  such as Belgian quality newspaper De Morgen Magazine and fashion bible Elle. Other clients include the city of Genk, Design Platform Limburg, Z33 and much more. Just like them, the I Love Belgium has a weak spot for Liesje's photograpy!

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