The Kitchen Tower

It rarely happens that the Brussels skyline receives a new and exiting skyscraper. So the I Love Belgium team just had to talk about the Elishout tower by Xavier De Geyter Architects. After spending ten years at office for metropolitan architecture, Xavier started his own firm in the early 1990s. Today Xavier is working on several exiting projects and one of them just reached completion: The Elishout Tower!

This elegant tower of 13 levels stands along the ring road of Brussels and belongs to the Elishout campus. As a part of the renovation and extension program of the school complex, this classroom tower holds 8 identical stacked kitchens. These floors are only supported by concrete cores on their perimeter, resulting in a remarkable small, lean and transparent tower.

Each floor of 12m by 12 is column-free while the structure is formed by the prefabricated concrete elements. The glass elevators, placed on the outside in between the white staircase columns, guide you to the top two-story level, which is reserved for the panoramic restaurant! Sometimes the school holds open days, the perfect way to visit this architectural gem while enjoying some great, freshly prepared, Belgian food! Do we need to say more...

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