Children should look like princes and princesses every day! No, not the Disney version, we rather go for the Kate Middleton princesses. The Josie collection represents that simplicity and quality in a way that the clothes become real mini-couture: based on the past designed for the future.

Behind Josie we find two sisters, Gerlinde and Mieke Verhaeghe, who create a sober children-collection in beautiful fabrics. 'Simplicity' and 'quality' represent the whole collection. The biggest care is spend in choosing the fabrics so that the pieces are instant classics. No surprise if you know that their fabric manufacturers also supply names such as Dries Van Noten or Ralph Lauren.

The Josie collection is not taking into account the trends of the seasons. The 'PRET-A-AMENER'-collection is the base-collection is limited in production, while some basics return every year. However others are one-time or are made in limited series. All of this results in clothes which can be past through from generation to generation.

After the webshop, Josie opened its first flagship store in Ghent. The shop has the same feeling as the collection: clean and  timeless. Something which comes back in the strong visual identity of the brand. Yes, the I Love Belgium team is in love with this pure Belgian manufactured brand!

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