Interior Magic

If you know the American reality show Million Dollar Decorator, you know that the taste of some self-proclaimed interior designers can be doubtful. By showing you the work of Belgian decorator Lionel Jadot, we want to erase all bad memories of over-designed and super-sized Los Angeles homes. Instead you'll see the work of a guy who's passionate about story telling through materials, compositions and colours!

Raised within one of Brussels most highly reputed family of furniture-makers, the Vanhamme's who have excelled in craftsmanship skills since 1895, Lionel spent more time in the workshops instead in front of a television. Very early, after his classical art education, he achieved his first two complete projects: two lofts and a chalet in Verbier, Switzerland. In the course of the years Lionel created a whole universe of his own; often described as exuberant baroque, sometimes surprisingly minimalist, but always extremely inspired and sophisticated

As well as being an interior designer, Lionel also produces films, and this cinematographic background adds an extra, almost theatrical dimension to his interior work. Whether he transforms a Swiss chalet or a seaside farmhouse, Lionel knows how to mix and match great vintage pieces, designer furniture, heaps of fabrics and rural materials such as clay or wood cladding! Places where the I Love Belgium team easily would feel at home.

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